kyoshu-samaThe word “Kyoshu” means “owner, lord of teaching”. So, the person occupying the Kyoshu Throne, called Kyoshu-Sama, in addition to being the supreme leader, also has the mission of establishing the link between Meishu-Sama, who is in the Divine World, and Messianic members, who are in the Material World. Thus, all requests reach God through him.

The first person to occupy the Kyoshu Throne was Meishu-Sama.

Nidai-Sama, the Second Spiritual Leader

Yoshi Okada, Mokiti Okada’s wife, was the Second Spiritual Leader. After Meishu-Sama´s ascension to the Spiritual World, on February 10, 1955, she occupied the Kyoshu Throne, and began to be called Kyoshu-Sama.

During the time she occupied the throne, in addition to greatly expanding the Divine Work, she also created Sorei-Saishi, a religious ceremony to appease and celebrate the Ancestors. When she ascended do the Spiritual World, on January 24, 1962, she began to be called Nidai-Sama.

Sandai-Sama, the Third Spiritual Leader

Itsuki Okada, Meishu-Sama’s daughter, was the Third Spiritual Leader. During the time she occupied the throne, she created the Ikebana Sanguetsu Academy, according to the floral vivification style envisioned by Meishu-Sama. She also sanctified the Sacred Grounds of Guarapiranga, in Brazil, in a missionary journey, in 1998.

In February of that same year, she manifested her wish to pass on the Kyoshu Throne to her successor, Yoichi Okada. Since then, she began to be called Sandai-Sama.

Sandai-Sama ascended to the Spiritual World on September 4, 2013.

Kyoshu-Sama, the Fourth Spiritual Leader

Today’s Kyoshu-Sama, Yoichi Okada, is the Fourth Spiritual Leader of the World Messianic Church.

By recognizing the divinity of Meishu-Sama and the unification of the Divine Work, I wish to serve as the Spiritual Leader, sincerely praying to Meishu-Sama, asking for his protection, so that we will become an ultra religion.

Kyoshu-Sama, on February 4, 1998

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